What Are the Lockdown Rules Now in Scotland

Millions of people in Scotland will have to comply with several new Covid rules and restrictions that will come into effect this week and affect everything from pubs to football. Retailers must follow and implement rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of customers and employees. Increased mitigation measures should be introduced, such as. B: However, some rules are still in place – from mandatory face masks to social distancing in certain environments. If you or one of the people gathered is particularly vulnerable to COVID, you should also consider other measures you can take, including further separation and wearing face coverings if possible. Review information on overseas travel planning, quarantine rules and testing for people entering Scotland. If you were previously on the shielding list, you can follow the same rules as the others. Hospitality in Scotland is subject to strict rules for a period of three weeks from 27 December. Here are seven important new Covid rules that everyone in Scotland must follow from this week. Find out about the rules for travelling to Scotland and check if a country is on the Red List.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) protection levels – what you can do – gov.scot Follow the rules and instructions on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19 Sturgeon said: “If it`s most important for you to spend time with your loved ones on Christmas Day, don`t risk that by going out early and possibly catching covid.” Here is the full list of Covid rules that remain in place. From December 26, there will be new rules for large gatherings. She added that she expected a “sharp increase in cases” in the coming weeks. However, the Prime Minister has confirmed that there will be no immediate changes to the coronavirus rules in Scotland. Nightclubs had the opportunity to follow these temporary rules after Christmas, but have now agreed to close instead and access business support money. Most physical distancing rules and limits for social gatherings were lifted at midnight on August 9, when the country surpassed level 0. And social distancing rules remain in place for healthcare facilities, where people must keep two meters apart to ensure the safety of patients and staff. These include hospitals, doctors` offices and dentists. Restrictions in Scotland will be eased. We explain what this means for people with heart and circulatory diseases. She also suggested that isolation rules could be shortened following the UK government`s decision to allow PEOPLE infected with COVID in England to stop isolation up to three days earlier if they test negative twice on the sixth and seventh days. Pubs and restaurants serving alcohol will only have to work with a table service policy under the new rules from December 27.

Meanwhile, various screening and self-isolation rules have been relaxed in all four countries. Children under the age of 12 are not required to wear a face covering – but all children who attend secondary school before their 12th birthday are advised to follow the same rules at school as children aged 12 and over. The rules also affected sporting events, which led to the advance of the Scottish Premiership`s winter break. Social distancing rules of one meter are also applied between groups of people. . Prime Minister Paul Givan said no further Covid restrictions were currently needed and that a plan to tighten controls around the wearing of face coverings had been abandoned. You must maintain physical distance between groups of up to three households when visiting a holiday home. “This means limiting the size of live public events for now – although private events like weddings are excluded.” Students and teachers must continue to wear masks indoors for up to six weeks after returning to class.

Secondary school staff must remain at least one metre away from each other and students on the school grounds. Information for parents and caregivers can be found on the parents` club website. We`re also sending out coronavirus updates at 5pm on weekdays and a summary of the week`s most important stories on Sunday afternoons. The requirement to wear a mask in Scotland requires people to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces and restaurants when not eating or drinking. For small sporting events, up to 50 spectators are allowed. There is an exception for events with children. You can also find information about the support available to your organization on the Find Business Support website. One of the most important things we can do to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 is the vaccine. However, under the current restrictions, many events covered by the plan may not take place. The recommended limit does not apply on Christmas Day.

People will always have to wear a face covering indoors in public places – such as shops – and on public transport. But children under the age of 12 are now exempt from the requirement to wear a face mask in any environment. If you attend certain places and events, you must prove the following: life events that are part of an act of worship (e.B baptisms; Bar Mitzvahs and Bat-Mitzvahs), can now continue to take place. However, you should consider postponing other life events such as birthday celebrations and adult birthday parties. Wherever possible, working from home will soon be “a legal obligation”, according to the Scottish Government. Artists such as actors, musicians and choir members must wear a face covering when rehearsing or performing indoors. You can remove it if: From the 27th century. In December last year, restrictions were imposed on pubs, restaurants and other indoor public spaces for three weeks. Indoor hospitality and leisure facilities must ensure that there is a distance of one meter between different groups of people, and table service is required when alcohol is served. This is one of the busiest nights of the year in Scotland. In some cases, your question will be published, displaying your name, age and location, unless you indicate otherwise. Your contact information will never be published.

Please make sure that you have read the terms and conditions. Contrary to all odds, the new Omicron variant means that Christmas in Scotland will be even different this year. Since 27 December, Scottish nightclubs have been forced to close unless they operate as a pub with table service and distancing. Indoor reception and leisure facilities must reintroduce table service, a distance rule of one metre, and introduce a ceiling of up to three households in each group. Follow the instructions on NHS Inform to self-isolate and book a test. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that Scotland`s current pandemic restrictions will remain in place until a review scheduled for 11 January. Armour is currently not recommended in Scotland. People in the armor group are asked to follow the same instructions as everyone else. . Like all businesses, restaurants and pubs have been asked to reduce the likelihood of transmission as much as possible.

Consideration of a ticketing system during peak business hours, if possible This page covers shielding instructions in Scotland. We also have pages on armour instructions in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. If you have a smartphone, you should continue to use or download the Protect Scotland app and make sure it is active. Nicola Sturgeon said this means sporting events, such as football, will be without spectators for up to three weeks from that period. Although the number of cases remains high, people without Covid symptoms who have a positive LFT do not need to take a PCR test to confirm their status. This amendment will enter into force in England from 11 January. Tips on self-isolation, including who should self-isolate, how long self-isolation should last, and how to book a test, can be found on Coronavirus (COVID-19): Self-isolation guide for people with possible coronavirus infection on NHS Inform. . .